Tuesday, July 12, 2011

50 great curries of the world and asking you a question

I have many Indian cook books all of which I use - I love cooking Indian food - from this one I have only cooked a few but I was having a difficult time choosing which one to try next. Asked Ian he said no 27 which involved my peeling lots of onions and grating 3 of them and squeezing them to get the juice. However it tasted lovely - a little bit different and we have enough for tonight as well

fresh bay leaves from our bay leaf tree.

this is the OWLE I bought to use with my i-phone - it has a bigger lens so the pictures are a little clearer and a microphone for the little videos I have been making (not for publication yet).

Next - my question for you - Jacinta, who loves to play with colour and dye, has been playing with all sorts of new and exciting combinations but while we remove colours from our big range from time to time, it is not our intention to add all of them because it becomes too much and anyway I suspect Jacinta would get bored. I don't dye but I love playing with colour too and putting things together.

SO - we have an idea to offer a colour a month luxury pack which would only be available for that month - rather like a new monthly menu. It would be limited in numbers -and along with a variety of excitements would include colour inspiration and notes but it would not be a kit as such - i.e. you would not make a specific thing. We never work that way here anyway.

I would love a response to our new excitement to see if others think it is a worthwhile thing. It would not be a club and you would never need to buy one each month but just to be inspired when one grabbed your attention. Each month it would change.

Shelagh has something horrible for us to have to do in creativebrainedges tomorrow - I am going to hide under the table and be naughty. She does say it is a challenge and get with it.


Tiger C said...

The colour a month pack sounds like a great idea; an exciting way to try something a bit different and colours that we may not otherwise buy.

Penny said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend more money!

Beth said...

LOL, I'm with Penny! I love this idea. sometimes when I'm making my dolls its good to have bits and pieces in the same colours ready and waiting to go instead of searching the net or shops for what you want. Bethx

Doreen G said...

I need more "stuff" like I need another hole in my head but what the heck I think I could be enticed.
Sounds like a great idea to me.
That Indian recipe sounds good but a no goer in my house--seeing as you know who can't eat onions.

Judy said...

I'm always up for your new concepts, Dale, because they keep me thinking. Looking forward to seeing what's offered.
Judy in Canada

Wilma said...

Hi Dale
I think a Colour of the Month Luxury Pack ( wihtout commitment) sounds wonderful. I love to challenge myself to work in different colours - very motivating!

Heather said...

Your curry looks delicious - my taste buds are wimps and can only cope with mild ones. The colour a month idea sounds great to me and is sure to be popular. Shelagh's challenge may sound scarey but you know what they say: 'Suffering is good for the soul'!!

Sheep Rustler said...

It sounds like a great idea - not that I need to build my stash or spend money or anything!!

Judy said...


Just got carried away on your Creative Souls link Wow!. The colour a month pack sounds great if it's not a monthly committment, I dont have an Embellishing Machine, but will find other ways to use the pack; nI'm mad on colour but don't have the set up to play with dyes. But, yes, yes I like the sound of it.

Robin Mac said...

Like Penny and Doreen I need more 'stuff' like a hole in the head, but it sounds like a lovely idea to me. the curry looks delicious, pity I am married to a wimp who doesn't like curry! Cheers


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