Friday, July 22, 2011

using the versa tool stamps on distressables

a little slide show using the versa tool letter stamps on the distressable fabrics and now I am off to Esperance and back on Monday - my workshop is titled An Artful Journey - aren''t they all?


Heather said...

Love the slide show Dale - no wonder you love your versa tool. I have one or two heads of varying thickness and sharpness for my soldering iron but the versa's patterns and letters are fab. Have a great weekend.

Sesenarts said...

I haven't come across this tool yet. I think I may need one! Have a great weekend and when are you doing a workshop in Busselton? Julie
p.s I am in the process of making a 'goddess' with her skirt made with threads, silk and bits using Romeo. I will link to your studio and will let you know when the post is up. Probably mon or tues.


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