Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday night and here we are relaxing

We have had a busy weekend - things change perspective when I get Ian to package stuff - like the many kilos of Indian silk loom waste! Followed by the many kilos of cocoon strippings.  Above are two tags - something I have started - wonder what they will be part of or what they are all about or even made of? Red stitching should be a clue.

We really enjoyed the rugby last night - another good win to the All Blacks and it was wonderful to see Cory Jane playing so well. Roll on next Saturday but not until after the show has finished for the day.

If you are planning to go to the show in Perth next weekend do pop over and leave me a comment on facebook - I shall give out the 5 names for the free tickets tomorrow.


Heather said...

Those tags look interesting Dale - I can't think what they are made of unless it's heavy vilene. Look forward to finding out. I haven't dared leave any comments on Facebook incase I win a ticket I can't use. Wouldn't do to waste one.

Singer said...

Tags do look interesting - I'm guessing possibly lutrador and some connection to Red Shoes.



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