Wednesday, July 13, 2011

living near the middle of the city

Shelagh was telling me she lives in the country surrounded by trees and parks and couldn't imagine living where there are 100s of people surrounding you. Well here we are not too far from  the centre of Perth in our little oasis where I can hear the sounds of the birds chattering away most of the day along with the cars of course (and the stupid yappy dog in the apartment next door, locked away all day behind closed blinds). We do in fact have loads of people across the road, next door, behind us and everywhere but see all the trees and the truffa pillar out front. Not to mention the concrete coated bricks too heavy for us to move so becoming a little architectural.

Another view - 4pm in the afternoon - the sun sets from the west - i.e. behind me photographing.
and a third view - that is our right of way on the left as we have access at the back. Someone paid a lot of money for that access back in 1895.

Our lovely back yard on a late winter's afternoon
Looking to the studio with the sun starting to set. Somewhere there is my drawing chair - oh dear - better get to today's draw.

And a slightly closer view. Now wouldn't you agree that this as as good as being miles away from the world in the country - we get the country feeling along with the craziness of a city. And we walk most places. And we have lots of parks all around us. City life is eclectic whenyou think about it and we were both small town kids once.

Now back to that draw for creative brain edges. We have had a shocking day - not just the neighbours- parents of the yappy but the printers have driven us both nuts..... But weatherwise it has been a lovely day so onwards and upwards....


Heather said...

That must be about as good as city life can get Dale. Your house, garden and yard look so lovely and perfect for your climate. You have all the amenities that a city can offer close at hand, and a delightful haven to return to.

Doreen G said...

And to think that I spent a wonderful evening in that serene setting- with fantastic hosts--
but no Pavlova :-(

NuminosityBeads said...

You've created a nice haven amidst the bustle. We live in the boonies of Alaska but near a missile defense base so occasionally amongst the birds, squirrels and moose there are sonic booms and practice bombings. Quite unsettling! Always some tradeoff, eh?
xoxo Kim

Judy said...


I reckon you have beaut spot, having spent a holiday staying round in Bulwer Street, I envy you your perfect place; mind I do also love living in the country where I am.


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