Sunday, July 03, 2011

this and that

Just the start of my first magic book for my etsy shop - I have so many sample pieces that I spend more time dithering through them - hard to decide what might go - this one is loosely sari ribbon -I have 6 more piles of ideas for more. And yes before you ask - my table is quite busy again.

We had a great day of rugby yesterday - two semi finals - both were good game s- the Reds beat the blues but deservedly and wonderful to see the Crusaders  win in South Africa. No guessing who we will be supporting next Saturday. In between we had a very late dinner and watched the women's tennis final.

Working on my Romeo article - I should have finished it today but stopped to read a book. And then I did my five minute draw for Creative Brain Edges - 5 minutes goes pretty fast.

I sent out the newsletter yesterday but while it works well for me and many others there would seem to be a glitch for some. If you got one and can't click on it to open it, try cutting and pasting it into your browser or email us and Ian will send you one which works. Always something to test us.


Doreen G said...

Your magic book is magical Dale--pardon the pun.

liniecat said...

I enjoy seeing how youve both gone from a to b, that 5 minutes is a good way to cut to the bone isnt it, creatively!

Heather said...

Your magic book is stunning Dale and the Romeo piece is gorgeous. I love those colours. I can't believe you had time to read a book!!

Judy said...


So gorgeous your Sari book, and the piece for your Romeo article is stunning as well.


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