Tuesday, June 28, 2011

clean table - well hardly

I have been working on my very clean table so of course it is a happy table now - all covered with fabric and paints and deColourant and letters and stuff. I have been writing on fabric - this is some of the lovely hand dyed cotton fabric from Dyed and gone to Heaven and I suspect, created by Peter not Lisa.... It discharges very well too and I havebeen doing some of that as well.  My deadlines are rocking up once again.

Talking of Lisa - she tells me she is running another on-line bead class starting in July which is not far away - I enjoyed her first class even if I was a bad student although I have done some beading, Lisa - check it out here  

We have had the most glorious rain all day - it is like a typical day on the West Coast - wonderful.

Shelagh and I have  a challenge which starts on 1st July - check us out here and see what we are up to. This is our blog where we will be loading our 5 min efforts three times a week. Shelagh says she can't draw - she doesn't know that I can't either - that's why we have set ourselves a challenge - to push our brain edges a little further but only three times a week.....
Creative Brain Edges 


Heather said...

Glad you've made your table happy again and that you have had more rain. Ours has stopped for a while and we have been sweltering in a sudden short heatwave. We never seem to have gently increasing temperatures so we can get acclimatized - the heat just arrives and knocks us for six. Cooler and more comfortable today - I can't cope with humidity but do love the summer.

Judy said...


Exciting graffiti piece fabric background look great. I love dyed and gone to heaven fabrics. I've been to your new blog with Shelagh, love the chairs, I love looking at chairs they fascinate me.


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