Sunday, June 19, 2011

end of the weekend

A productive weekend not that I feel I have done a great deal but I tied up a few loose ends and got myself back on track with 2 articles finished and a new holey moley up on air so while I still have a lot to do this week we have been able to have 2 sleep ins and enjoy pottering. Bit of rain, back garden needs a good clean but we went for a walk and checked out Grant's house at the back of his other house where Bruce and Kazuko are - it is finally underway again with a stairway to nowhere at present. And I even cooked dinner twice in a row.

Above are the Inktense Blocks which arrived this week - you never want to tell people about a fabulous new product when they can't buy it from you! I love crayons much more than pencils and these are fat blocks which are just too yummy for words.

Here they are rubbed onto Evolon - look like nothing exciting - I have rubbed them on their side

and then I applied some water with a brush and wow! To finish off this little exercise I blotted the blocks across the wet surface. Off to stitch next. Once they are dry they are permanent. I am surely in love with these. You could, of course, use your pencils over this for detail if you wished and maybe I will. And then what will I do with the Evolon I wonder?

The morning we went to Brisbane I printed on some TAP with some writing I had done on paper and scanned into the 'puter and I printed my favourite words for the moment with Stazon. At the show when I was demoing I ironed the TAP to Evolon and some people may recall that it wouldn't peel off. I just picked away later when no one was there and this is my surface - I have done a little stitching around the big words. Let's wait and see what happens next.  Quite a few ideas to play and develop this week for sure in between my other tasks.

We have had a frustrating day though - I LOST my holey moley folder in Outlook and a whole day has been spent on computer things which should have reproduced the back-up but did not in the end but we live in hope that tomorrow the problem may be solved. I have also LOST the entire Ian folder but this is not quite so drastic. I may have to email a holey moley to send me a copy of the emails I send out so I can start again - just as well I have the full group list safely somewhere else....

We also had a busy weekend watching the last of the rugby games before the finals - 5 games-  we enjoyed most of them especially the Hurricanes vs Crusaders and even though the 'Canes didn't win it was a pretty good game - here are Ma'a Nonu and Andrew Hore who the coach decided to ceremoniously dump this week. Bad stuff and serious consideration about who I might support next year. I wish them both well and while what I might say means nothing, sometimes when things like this happen you end up much better off in the long run. That is my experience anyway.


Heather said...

Those crayons look fabulous - such lovely colours. I like what you are doing with Evolon - I have yet to try mine out though I did get as far as colouring some before being sidetracked by life! Hope you get your holey moley folder sorted. That must be so frustrating.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

I love those Inktense blocks, like you I love crayons. Are they new I haven't seen them before? And I won't ask to buy them but look forward to seeing more of what you create with them. Sound like you will be picking a new rugby team next time round, maybe it is time for a change, something new often gives us a new horizon.

Bear said...

Hey Dale
I can tell one and all that these crayons are the bestest little sticks of fun I have played with for a while - and I enjoy them even more that I got the grippers to hold onto the inktense sticks with I am even more happier. Like u said they looks so innocuous when dry but hit them with H2o and they come alive!! I love them!!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxo


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