Sunday, June 05, 2011

signing in on a busy Sunday

And where have I been AWOL? Well nowhere really - been very busy but just boring busy. I have a number of articles I have to write - think I will start saying no soon so I can get on with my own work. This one above is going to Canada - lots of flower stitcher and lots more to come. I am stitching Royal Shiraz on purple felt - I like this thread - it is not one of our biggest sellers but I got my inspiration from the tunnel under the river in Shanghai when I was mesmerised by the flashing lights in shades of purples and greens. So I thought I would use it for this little project.

We have been watching lots of rugby games - when it gets to the serious end of the season it becomes rather exciting with teams dropping off when you thought they would be up there. The Hurricanes have won their last two games but it is a bit late for them. Going to have to set up like crazy in Brisbane next Friday so we can get off to watch them play the Chiefs who may be my hew team next year - not sure I like the way the coach is behaving - getting rid of good players. Get rid of the coach I say.

Beautiful weather today but we have been indoors mostly - Ian is making the newsletter beautiful - I only write the words.... This is Ian's new toy I got for him - his very own milk frother - he can do flat whites and cappuccinos - lucky boy. I still haven't got any roses.....

Three on-line workshops start this week.
Ratty Tatty Papers starts tomorrow and I have added Evolon and heat distressable tissue and a few other things to this class.
Gilding the Lily starts on Tuesday. This is the last time I will be running this workshop so this is your last chance.
Hot Needles Cool Stitches for the needlefelting machine starts on Wednesday for those people who want to get more from the machine they have bought and done little with. it is a fabulous machine and I have been playing on it today for another article I am writing - I am creating some small pieces and I will add these into one of the lessons.
These are the only on-line workshops I am running this year - I know people email me all the time asking if I am offering them later on but the year goes so fast. It doesn't matter if you are away when the lesson is on - the material is up there for ages and you can join in at any time and catch up later and I am always at the end of my computer - well pretty often.

I am trying to finish the last things for Textile Art Festival in Brisbane - we fly off on Thursday but it is a holiday here tomorrow - today I worked like a beaver to do all of the POMs (product of the month) - we are up to month 16 now so that's 16 different things to get packaged. I enjoy planning the new one each time.

Bruce and Kazuko will be back next Sunday while we are away - be good to have them both back. Grant is sailing in Denmark from today in SLAM - good luck to him and Pistol and the third man on the boat who I do not know.


Heather said...

Love what you have done with the Flower Stitcher Dale. I won one some time ago and must make friends with it! It's raining here so no gardening today and I hope to do some free machining onto my embellisher samples - that's one toy I am not neglecting. Don't work too hard, enjoy the rugby and have a great time in Brisbane. Hope Ian is keeping you supplied with fresh coffee.

Quiltbug said...

I love the flower stitcher book I bought from you. I am anxious to see the new pattern and I know just the person to ask about it. DB from Janome.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely flower stitcher sample. You deserve a night out to see the rugby in Brisbane, should set you up for the frantic day on Saturday! I am doing a class in the morning so will see you in the afternoon. Are you bringing the sari ribbon book with you? Cheers

Ali Honey said...

Lovely colours dale.

The Chiefs will be glad of your support I think...but we had injuries .
I quite like it when the under dogs topple the supposed to wins!

Judy said...

Hi ! Dale,

Love the flower stitch piece, make me sad I cant use mine. Like the look of Ian's milk frother, much easier by the look than struggling with coffee machine. Sorry your Hurricanes aren't doing well, there's always next year of course, maybe they will chuck the coach then. You sound busier than busy, good luck with it all.


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