Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Bev

Happy Birthday Bev - hope you are having  a wonderful day nearly over but many more of course. Been thinking of you....

Now that it is 7pm I can start my day's work - well - packing for Brisbane and gathering my stuff and I still have some important prep and play to do and my studio looks like a tip. But I shall ignore that never really wanted to look like the studios you see in the magazines anyway. We have been exceptionally busy this week with orders and also the three workshops have all started and I hope all the classmates are enjoying their playing. I shall be back on Tuesday to see what they have been up to. I think wi-fi is going to be a drama in Brisbane - about time all apartments and the like joined the real world.

All the Hurricane supporters in the world will know that Hammett the 'coach' has sacked Ma'a Nonu and Andrew Hore. I have been an ardent supporter of the Hurricanes since whenever - I was born in the Manawatu,, I went to school there and in Taranaki, my grandparents lived in the Wairarapa, and Wellington is my favourite city in the world. I am an unhappy bunny and seriously thinking of changing allegiance - two choices I could have - maybe wait and see what happens. The Hurricanes have not had a great season - maybe caused by a lot of tension but they are always exciting when they play well. What could be more exciting than watching this guy when he is on fire.

We will be back on Tuesday but if you come to the show in Brisbane on Sat, Sun or Monday, do call by and say hello and see all the lovely goodies we will have for sale. Also come see the Pick-a-Pockets which will be on display opposite us and then pop down to see Jacinta and/or me in the Artists Working Studio where one of us will be most of the time. Ian and I are also looking forward to visiting our favourite restaurant - Barolo - where the food and atmosphere is great.

Off to turn my laptop on and do some printing on TAP and to gather my stuff and then lock the studio door. See you on Tuesday.


Heather said...

Have a great time in Brisbane - good journeys too.

Judy said...

Dale & Ian,

Hope all goes well i Brissy, and you have a good time. The Hurricanes are giving you some worry Dale, hang in there they'll improve given time, says she who doesn't follow any team! Safe journey both ways.

Virginia said...

Hope you have a good time Dale. I strongly object to the racketeering of Australian hotels over wi-fi prices - it's way worse than we've struck in Europe! BUT just over the road from our very expensive apartment in Melbourne that charged $24 for 24hour web access- I found a little convenience store where it was $4 an hour - $1 a 15 minute section I could check my emails and do everything I needed to. Saved us $$$ over our four day stay!


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