Monday, June 27, 2011

tha blank table

I haven't been back to the blank table today - it looked rather forlorn when I locked the door last night - just been a bit Monday busy but will be there tomorrow filling it up again. For those who asked - there is NOT chaos under the table on the floor - I don't work that way. Sure have lots of stuff but everything is in its theme box or container otherwise I would never find anything. I have an awful lot of samples in a giant sample basket - I am thinking of making magic sample books and popping them on my barely used Etsy site. Do you think people would be interested? This is the latest Down Under Textiles - we have sent some out - I only got some at Brisbane Show - what they had left over - the remainder have not arrived as yet and will send as soon as they do. So sorry if yours is later than you think it should be. It includes a feature of the Pick-a-Pockets - very nice indeed.  Ian has worked very hard today photgrpahing all of the pockets and they are on our website - he will be adding the titles and names tomorrow. They look good.


Heather said...

I think magic sample books would be extremely popular Dale, and a brilliant way of making use of all those precious little pieces.

Doreen G said...

I have seen the giant sample basket in person and I am sure that magic sample books would be very popular.
I know I would be interested.

Sandy said...

It does look like a good issue whenever it gets here.
Your table looks lonely.

Elizabeth said...

Not sure what magic sample books look like but sound exciting! Just looked at the pick a pockets and WOW! There is some serious talent out there! Glad I wasn't a judge. Bethx


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