Wednesday, June 01, 2011

lubbly lubbly rain and it's June

Welcome to June - I am sure the black cat means rain because we are having lots of it - in fact the streets around and about have been flooded and Ian has been on the roof again clearing out the leaves.

Here is a bowl of frangipanis for Shelagh - every morning in Broome I picked fresh ones for the water bowl and also placed them all over the place. They are bigger and bolder than in Perth.

A restful chair not far from our unit.

Still very busy today but we should be up to date by tomorrow I hope - QA 51 arrived and they will go out tomorrow - might be a few left over - not sure but email if you want one.

Newsletter is nearly written......

Tonight we are off to dinner because it was Val's birthday while we were away and we have found a really good Italian restaurant at last not far away.


Heather said...

Enjoy your rain - in the South East of England things are getting desperate and fields are brown. Farmers and growers must be very worried. Those frangipani are so beautiful. Is it really time for another Quilting Arts issue - where do the months go?!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Glad it's raining for you in the west. Trouble with rain it tends to find those gutters you didn't know were blocked alas. I can smell those frangipani through cyber space.


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