Saturday, April 30, 2011

wot a game!

I spent all morning unpacking the boxes from Melbourne - putting things away and realising how much stuff we actually sold - things I thought might be there are not so lots more ordering to do this coming week. Then we sat and watched the Hurricanes play the Reds - Andrew Hore's 100 game and what a fantastic game - we had a champagne to celebrate their win. Well done my team. Tonight we are off to the park to watch the Crusaders vs Force game.

But first I have to sort stuff and samples as I am off to the '84 Group in the morning to do a few hours demo - I was going to be a little desperate if the stuff hadn't arrived (it came very late yesterday just before the rugby and the wedding so we locked the front gate because it was all on the verandah) - my suitcase of samples and working materials was on the palette.

Did we all watch the royal wedding? Of course we did - Catherine's dress was delightful - quite understated - and her sister's was lovely too. Good luck to them. Westminster Cathedral looked great with trees included indoors.


Heather said...

Some grotty journalist was suggesting in the run up to the wedding, that interest and support for the Royal Family is declining. I would be happy to watch them eat their words! Wasn't it a fantastic occasion and lovely to think that people all over the world enjoyed it too.

Judy said...


Sound like some satifying Rugby match for the weekend. And we all watched the wedding even we who said "not going to bother".


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