Wednesday, April 06, 2011

stuff all gone - time to be human once more

We were up very early this morning with a cup of coffee to get us started but there wasn't much yoghurt to share - a tsp each..... Then we packed and packed and packed till the van was so full it looked like it would burst and the car so full I couldn't see out the back window and then I remembered we had forgotten the stands for the tables so Ian had to squeeze these in somewhere - not sure where. Then we went for sustenance at Julie's cafe up the road better known as Lincolns. Coffee and water for starters.

Ian had a meringue something which he said was wonderful

and I had avocado and pesto and something sandwich which was also wonderful. Then we drove off to the carriers to deposit our stuff.

Three palettes all full and waiting to be shrink wrapped and off to Melbourne for us to unpack on Wednesday - surely a lot of work. We have been doing shows since 1995 - that's a lot of stuff. Some of the guys at Sadleir Transport have been there all that time. I used to take a few boxes in the car when I started.

Now we have had our showers and changed our clothes and are off to drink a glass of bubbly to relax and i got the day wrong - Lionel Ritchie is tonight. Tomorrow I am going to allow myself a little treat and go check out a few shops I haven't seen before. Maybe buy something -  you never know.....
And then there are so many things to do - like playing - I want to try the soy wax some more for a start. Have ideas but not so much time.


Heather said...

I don't know how you manage it all Dale - it must be like moving house every time!

Debbi Baker said...

You guys really are incredible! I feel exhausted just reading about it all! The champers should go down a treat!!

Robin Mac said...

You deserve to do some shopping for you after all that effort - and then another bubbly to celebrate the shopping! Cheers

Virginia said...

Enjoy your wander-shopping - you never know, you just might see a pair of shoes you really, really love!

Hope the show goes well :-)


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