Friday, April 22, 2011

a long weekend

Happy Easter to everyone - thought it was Saturday today and forgot to take the chair covers off so they got wet when the water came on but did manage a decent sleep in and a read of one of my birthday books. Gotta be good for me. Then the Blues won the first rugby game of the weekend - very good. Here is one of my new little grevilleas in flower - love the way the flower develops.

I have lots of techniques and things I want to try this long weekend but sometimes too many things means it's hard to make decisions. I have decided to work with Persian Market - I am needing a new colour so I needlefelted flimsies together and also dry felted some of the colours for a type of applique. I have been playing more with the deColourant Plus - you can see some wonderful samples on Shelagh Folgate's blog - we are discussing our playing and hers look much better than mine. I have mixed a few colours and stamped them on - sticking with the circle idea. You might say you could just stamp a colour onto the surface but what the deColourant plus does is to take out the colour and replace it with a new colour and it works into the fabric rather than sit on top, With the prefelts it sinks in and stays on top the nature of the material being different. I have also tried it on a variety of different fabrics to see how it goes.

Here I have used one of my stitched stamps and printed onto a batiked fabric - I like the subtle result.

Hope to get a bit done this weekend but right now we are having a bbq with Bruce and Pete. It's very warm today - doubt if we will ever see winter this way.

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Heather said...

The grevillea flower is so unusual and exotic. I love the soft, subtle colours of those two pieces you are working on. The new colouring system sounds very interesting.


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