Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cricles of fun

Circles are always fun and there are some flower stitcher circles hidden down there. I have been working with flimsies (prefelts) and merino wool for dry felting and needlefelting and deColourant Plus and stitching with Wonderfil Spagetti thread - love this thread - it is 12wt and you can hand and machine stitch on it. All in the theme of Persian Market. Not sure where it is heading but coming along as a great little 3D sampler.

Sorry to sound drama queen like yesterday about my new theme - Ian said I sounded like another person who is always on about people copying her ideas. What I really meant was that I had chosen a new theme after dithering around through the brain and the notebooks for ages - well I have chosen WORDS - writing on the wall (good one - what does it mean?) I am off to photograph some walls around and about with writing on - I could mean graffiti as there is some on our wall but let's see what I come back with. I shall be working on this theme at TAF in Brisbane as a working artist if you are coming - my notebook is full of quick ideas and I am starting out with newspaper - well that is full of lots of words but what sort? Do join me in my new adventure. Copy all you like - nothing is new anyway.

We have had some of the whispering rainlets on Perth this morning and two days of great rugby apart from the Hurricanes loss and the injuries - never nice. Have a lovely rest of Easter everyone.


Doreen G said...

If I were to copy anyones ideas Dale I think I would choose yours--at least I would learn something new not regurgitated from several years back.

Erica Spinks said...

I'm still deeply in love with the Spagetti threads, Dale. Glad you are enjoying them, too!

Heather said...

Love the circles and their gorgeous sumptuous colours. I didn't think you were being a drama queen and am looking forward to hearing more of your new adventure. It's cooler here today and I'm off to play in the dirt!

Sandy said...

Nice piece; great theme.


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