Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday so soon

The parcels are continuing to arrive - today's excitement was a box full of wonderful ceramic house buttons. Jacinta found these for me and the creator of them has wonderful other ones which I shall order as well. Just need to stitch them onto cards and make some decisions.

Also arrived was the latest Cloth Paper Scissors #36 - I have processed and send out half of them - the remainder tomorrow - we get so many it takes ages to get through them all. There are just a few left over if anyone wants one. I shall sit down tonight and have a read.

My red painted Truffa is almost dry so I can bring out my soldering iron tomorrow. Here's hoping the palettes arrive - apparently they have been unloaded at Sadleir so we do hope they are delivered to us - maybe in the morning...... After all we don't want to miss the wedding.....


Birgit said...

Hi Dale,

The house buttons are adorable! Will you post photos of the treasure you create with them?


Heather said...

Those buttons are so lovely Dale. See you at the wedding!!

Penny said...

Ooh love those buttons.
Hoping fo rain, we need it.


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