Tuesday, April 05, 2011

two new magazines on the verandah

Two magazines turned up today and all the ones ordered have been sent out - I took a punt with 101 Patchwork and ordered quite a few and I must say I am rather impressed - lots of great projects and nearly 200 pages. Very bright and breezy and loads of colour which instantly appealed to me.

the other is Stitch and I think this magazine is getting better and better - I wasn't very impressed with the first issue but now it seems to be much more interesting and appealing. We have spares of both if anyone is wanting a copy. Neither are on the web yet but just email us if you want a copy of one or both.

We picked up the van to cart all the stuff to the carriers tomorrow - has to be there by 3pm so lots to do in the morning and I will up bright and early because it is still very hot during the day. We will sleep well tomorrow night and as I said the other day - things might be back to normal on Thursday - at least the kitchen will look like a real kitchen again.

Judy - I am not sure you would have wanted to see me coated in glitter - I was dripping wet as well from working in the warehouse where it is very very hot!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Both mags look good Dale, and I'll swap you some hot for some chilly. As I type this, my hands are like ice! The word verification is 'gremezed' and I think I am gremezed with our weather this week.


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