Monday, April 11, 2011

monday monday

We have had a sort of busy day today - running around doing a number of jobs which always have to be done before we go away anywhere and in between everything else like startign to pack the suitcases and ticking off lists, I have finished the last part of Hot Needles Cool Stitches - these lovely students have been so kind to me but i hope they have enjoyed the class. It certainly has pushed me plus today I broke 3 needels becasue I was trying to speed through burnt layers - naughty naughty. Here is part of one piece.

Here is part of another - I love playing with this technique.

Tonight we are taking ourselves to Cantina for a few tapas before we depart for Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

ps the whispering rainlets did not last long and it is still pretty humid. I do hope it is cold in Melbourne....


Heather said...

I love these Hot Needles pieces. Have a good journey, a great time and enjoy being cool.

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Dale and Ian,
It is absolutely bucketing down here in Geelong so that will be in Melbourne in about an hour.
Next 6 days will be 17-22 C and showers so that should keep you cool!!
See you Thursday for some shopping.

Jen M said...

Still bucketing this morning, so hopefully it will still be wet when you arrive! See you at the AQC :D


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