Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday eye candy

Nothing like painting up a set of  colours to brighten any day. These are the Opulence Embellishment Inks - trying to get my info and samples sorted for my 2 show and tells at AQC - one is Colour,Colour, Colour and the other is Tantalising Textures. The hardest part is deciding what samples not to take - Doreen did comment about how many basket fulls of samples I seem to have. Maybe  I should sell some of them on my etsy site.

My beautiful bag of hand dyed shibori ribbon which I am reluctant to use in case I spoil them. How often do we say that with our collection of stuff? Including the stuff you buy from The Thread Studio at shows. What I have always said is that there is no crime in putting all of  your lovelies in a basket and placing it in a prominent place to admire and stroke as you go by. The colours and textures will cheer your soul for starters. that and a bunch of beautiful roses does it for me.

For the first time in such a long time that I cannot remember, I actually slept under the doona last night. I love this doona - it is a Donna Karan (yes but bought at a sale in case you are wondering and quite a number or years old now) light cotton with embroidery all over - the nicest one we have ever had.

Busy rugby weekend - wonderful wins by the Highlanders and Crusaders and not quite the Hurricanes yet - maybe it is time to concentrate on 2012 season but it was a good close game and someone was going to win and someone to lose as both teams were desperate. Nothing was as woeful as the Force vs Waratahs game though. Such dreary stuff to sit through - I am wondering if the Force have actually practised setting a proper back line. We pay good money to watch this.

Expect a busy full on day today - I have 2 lessons to finish, some more packaging for the suitcases for AQC in Melbourne and samples and stuff to sort through. Wish me luck and have a great Sunday - I do believe that is really is autumn at last


Doreen G said...

Now what a great idea Dale -- that basket was so full of samples you wouldn't miss half of the.

Heather said...

The colours of those inks are gorgeous and the shibori ribbons likewise - I want one of everything! We had a glorious day yesterday and I did too much gardening - even though I have just got up, your bed looks very inviting!


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