Saturday, April 23, 2011

some inspirational books

Good books are what inspire people and they usually sit somewhere close to where one is working. I don't mean novels but fabulous books you come back to time and time again. The above two - The Stones of Venice and Africa Adorned are those sort of timeless books you open at random and find so much inspiration. Now I have found a new one - well I haven't got it yet. On Jackie's blog Dog-Daisy Chains, I saw what looked like a must have

I haven't been to Ireland nor to Clare but the images Jackie shared just grabbed my eyes so I ordered it - in fact Jacinta, Jaslyn and I ordered a copy each - one from Ireland, one from France and one from Germany. See who gets hers first. I am not attracted to landscapes for my work but the images usually provoke plenty of other ideas. I love these precious sort of books.

After a lot of dithering I have chosen a new topic and have filled the first page of my sketchbook. I will show more once I have a decent start. Before anyone else sees it and tries to say it was his/her idea.......

I have also re-signed for The Sketchbook Project: 2012 - I have no idea where my this year's one went to - I sent it off but can't find it anywhere - I think I will register it next round. It  becomes a bit of a discipline to do it.

Having a relaxing weekend with bits and pieces of the garden being worked on and circles being stitched and dry felted etc. I have done more playing with the deColourant and discovered it does not like polyester fabrics - just washed out but you must try these things or you won't really know. Laura and Linda Kemshall - Design Matters - have very generously let us feature some of their samples on our website - you can see them in the deColourant section.

Three rugby games coming up so off back to work.


Heather said...

Your weekend sounds the perfect blend of work and play - enjoy it all. I liked the look of that book of Jackie's too - wonderful textures - and your Venice one appeals to me also. I'm off to be lazy and sit in the garden until it nags me into action!

Judy said...


Love the sound of the books especially the one on Ireland.


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