Sunday, May 01, 2011

welcome to May

It's May already - Kazuko and Bruce have started their bike ride around Hokkeido and I hear it is raining and cool. Well not much rain here and not cool but we are having lovely crisp mornings and evenings. I have been waiting since about August to wear my winter clothes which is always exciting.

This morning I went to the '84 Group and demoed a half a dozen or so excitements. I hope they all get to use all the stuff they bought and the things they have bought on other occasions and tell me they are still about to start. I think the deColourant was the biggest hit - when I came home and looked at my stocks I can see I need to order some more. The other product which only came this week and needs almost re-orering already is the GLEAM. I am so pleased with this gilding wax.

Haven't done much creative work in the last few days with all the unpacking and sorting but here is my grafitti start - perhaps I will hang it out with the real one on the post - lots more stitching to do but I must say that when you stitch letters with paint and use a soldering iron, the needlefelting machine is not so keen on it - broken needle again..... and that was hand winding. I have rubbed over the surface with the Silver GLEAM.

Ian has been sawing up a huge branch which fell on the banksia (nearly boo hoo) and putting the last touches to my latest Let's Play book - it should go to the printer this week and then I can get on with the next one - there are samples everywhere in readiness.

The newsletter is nearly finished (my part before it becomes beautiful) and all the POMs (product of the month) are ready to post tomorrow. There are so many and now we are at month 15, that's 15 different products of goodies this month with a new one added each time. And people are still signing up almost ecvery day. I just hope everyone enjoys trying new and old products each time. Sadly it is too expensive to send it overseas unless you are happy to pay postage on top.


Heather said...

The months are rushing by. Good Luck to Kazuko and Bruce. The graffiti piece is looking good and I hope the banksia recovers. Your Let's Play books are great - so is the Product of the Month idea. I'm not surprised that GLEAM and the deColourant are so popular.

Judy said...


We've been getting out the winter woolies for couple weeks now. The Gleam came up well on the graffiti, have to see if i can find a corner to fit them in. Hope Kasuko and Bruce enjoy their bike ride and the rain goes away for them.


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