Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bonding and burning

It is always exciting when new stuff arrives and today came the alphabet and letters to attach to the versa tool - naturally in my excitement I wrecked my sheet and will need to pop them in a container instead. But I have tried them as you can see - lots of Ws and also a couple of the stamps which come with the tool itself. I have bonded a chiffon scarf to kunin felt and found that the pressure you use makes quite a bit of difference. Then of course I have rubbed over the top with silver Gleam. Very pleased with this lovely gilding wax and pleased to say another order of it arrived yesterday so we have plenty of stock again.

The letters and the numbers (different set) just screw into the tool so very easy to use. We have got the sets for sale and hopefully they will be on the web tomorrow or so. Ian's little pile is growing again.

The latest Studios arrived as well this afternoon and they will go out tomorrow. Still have a few left if anyone wants a copy.

And finally after waiting and waiting, the Batsford version of the new lutradur book by Wendy Cotterill arrived today - we have sent them to all the people on the waiting list and I have given one to myself. The US paperback version I had in Melbourne got sold to someone on the Sunday so I too have had to wait. i have been doing quite a bit of play with Evolon in particular and will be exploring all of these fabrics at Brisbane as a working textile artist. Today I have been invited to teach in 3 different places next year as well as our trip to Canada so it will be another exciting year I think - every year is exciting. There is a cicada in our garden - he is very noisy and seems to be rather settled in.


Doreen G said...

Maybe you could leave Ian home to look after the shop and I will come with you as your side kick.

Heather said...

I like the look of that letter set - I'm always attracted by lettering. I have recently treated myself to Wendy Cotterill's book and when I feel better and am rid of this cough I want to play with Evolon, Lutrador etc.


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