Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the rain came, the sun came back

Yes - it rained a lot yesterday - really lovely - lots of happy chatty birds everywhere. Today the sun came back out but do hope the rain comes back. I used some deColourant on some fabric I 'stole' from Dyed and Gone to Heaven yesterday - works well Lisa. Here it is drying in the sun. I bought some sponge alphabet stamps which arrived today so I tried them out. I like the fact that the image is incomplete. For the bottom two I used deColourant Plus - red and metallic silver and then I washed the sponges and thought I would just try the deColourant - you can see one of the 'T's has run a bit - this is water. I did wave my heat gun over it but then popped it out in the sun. I haven't washed it yet - once you do that the colour works in as a dye would and the handle of the fabric stays the same.

Fulvia - someone grafitted truffa on our front post in red so I decided to use it as part of my Writing on Walls  theme. According to my dictionary it means hoax or swindle - do you have a better meaning for me?

Three Sad Old Blokes are not having such a good series at Torbay this round, defending their winning title from 2010. I am pretty sure this is them. There are over 100 boats so it would be a great spectator place to be. for those who have asked, Grant didn't win the 2011 WA male sailor of the year - it was won by a couple of Tornado sailors who came 24th or similar in their worlds - not quite the same as a 1st but never mind - sailing isn't about winning awards in WA - it's about sailing itself, the competition, the people and all of that.

Tonight we are off to the ACO concert - we missed the last one because we were away so looking forward to it.


Doreen G said...

Love Lisa's fabric Dale :o) and the red looks great on it.

Judy said...


The affect of the DeColorant is very good and the foam letters came out well too. Sorry to hear the boys aren't doing so well and that Grant didn't win, but as you said sailing is about sailing, being out there on the water.

Fulvia said...

It means swindle, indeed, Dale. How odd someone painted that on your post ...


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