Monday, May 16, 2011

monday - rain/no rain

Thought it might rain but it did not. But I did sit outside to unpick my stitching (note to self - use a backing piece of felt if you are not prepared to hold the fabric firmly) and some rainlets fell on me for about 15 minutes. First I stitched on my silk noil (backed with felt)

Then I used de Colourant to add my truffa (I am becoming quite attached to this word painted on my front fence). I thought it might not work as it is silk and I used the de colourant Plus in silver and grey. I like the way it has allowed some of the fabric to show through as well.

Then the piece I unpicked I have stitched some rows with machine stitch using Valdani cotton and hand stitched rows using silk thread (this is Jacinta's poppy which I might rename truffa..... I am going to hand stitch  with a cotton for further play.

We have both had a very frustrating day today with several things to drive up potty - I went to the post office miles away where my long awaited parcel which should have been delivered on 5th was and am of to play with my purchase - yummy colour blocks not available in OZ yet so I am pretty excited about that. Before I can though, i have to unpack all the boxes of goodies which arrived. The parcel postie kept staggering in with more - some restock and some new stock. One thing we did get were rolls of Heat Distressable Tissue which Wendy Cotterill has in her new Spunbonded book. I have had it for a while but only hda a couple of pieces left so now it can go on the web. It's a tissue which distorts like tyvek when you apply heat but it stays soft unlike tyvek. Loves the Starburst Sprays of course (shoudln't everything?)

So off to unpack and then to play. Plus I have to get my 3rd pdf up for Holey Moley.


Doreen G said...

Thanks for the reminder to go and chech up with HM.
I love the running stitch sample.

Sandy said...

That is a nice piece-love the stitching. I wish I could send you some of our rain-30hrs straight and it's supposed to be spring.

Robin Mac said...

Interesting photos - I hope you will be bringing some of the distressable tissue to Brisbane. Cheers

Fulvia said...

Dale, knowing the meaning of the word in Italian, I am curious as to how you come to have truffa on your fence ...?

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Like the sound of the Heat Disressable Tissue, you have been busy with the Graffiti and it looks impressive on the silk.


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