Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sailing Stuff and a bit more of the snow stuff

We are having a nice relaxing day today which is good. This photo is the view from Mounts Bay Sailing Club where Grant and Bruce started sailing at a very early age - first on Mudlarks -

and then on Flying Ants

and then Grant moved to a 420 and even went off to sail for Australia in Yugoslavia one year (lucky me went too)

Since then he has sailed in lots of yachts including of course his latest 18ft Skiff - SLAM

This is the only genuine Grant photo - the others are only to show some of the dinghies - and give you an idea of the many hours we have spent at various yacht clubs. Mounts Bay was a regular Sat/Sun gathering spot for us for a long time but of course we also drove over to the eastern states most summer holidays towing 1 or 2 dinghies. But Mounts Bay was a fabulous place to sail for the boys when they were young and sailing is a fabulous sport. In response Grant has remained loyal to MBSC and even though he sails around the world he sails as a Western Australian from MBSC with a black swan on his sails.

This year besides other events he has had a 1st in the Laser SB3 Worlds, a 3rd in the 18ft Skiff Worlds and a 2nd in the 18ft Skiff Europeans. It is wonderful for him that MBSC has nominated him for Male - Sailor of the Year 2011 in WA - the results to be announced on Friday night. We think he deserves it - let's see what happens. He has been instrumental in a fleet of 18ft Skiffs being able to sail at MBSC this season and is serious about giving something back to the sport he loves with respect to the club where he started out and is always welcome to sail at.

The bit more is that Bruce and Kazuko seem to be battling on through snow in Hokkaido where Bruce has noted it is only a month from Summer. Here are some of their pics

Kazuko looks a bit cold methinks...

Not my idea really of a bike ride!

Sad to say the Hurricanes lost last night but they played well until the sin bin incident and I am sure they would have won. Lots of those young players look very promising for the future.

Not sure why I have gone blue but there you go.


Heather said...

You probably went blue in sympathy for Bruce and Kazuko in all that snow! Hope Grant gets his award.

Penny said...

Love the cycling hotos and the sailing ones. Heres hoping for Bruce to get that award.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

The blue seemed in keeping with Kasuko looking so cold an the bleak cold landscape they are cycling through. Congratulations to Grant on his nomination, I hope he wins he's certainly puts in the hard yards sailing, of course it does reflect on supportive parents too.


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