Wednesday, May 04, 2011

snowing in Sapporo

Kazuko and Bruce are cycling around Hokkaido - the northern island of Japan before they come back to Perth in June. I have been reading Bruce's blog and he says it has been snowing! and raining.

Bruce wringing the water out of his gloves

the scene but they have been biking along the coast. Very keen....

Finally have sent out the newsletter - late as usual but also as usual, great specials for our newsletter readers. Last month Romeo flew out the door - I don't think I have cut so many 5 metre lots at once before in all the time we have been selling it. And that is a long time.

One of the tree branches fell down late last week and Ian has been cutting it down rather gently in case it fell on anyone as they walked by. He placed a big Y section on the verge and it looked like a piece of art - I was going to photograph it this morning but the roaming council workers were too fast for me. Cut and gone before my eyes.

My graffiti piece is slowly progressing - I managed to stitch on Romeo and black tuile this afternoon.


Heather said...

They must be keen to cycle in those conditions. Glad Ian made the tree safe before someone could complain.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Romeo and black tulle sound intriqueing, hope we get to see it. My wishes for a sunny cycling trip for Bruce and Kasuko have fallen on the deaf ears of the universe, the snowy hillside is rather pretty though.


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