Thursday, May 26, 2011

familar sight but off we go

a familiar sight? Yes - we have been out to Sadleirs once again, this time loading up our stuff for Brisbane. Just two palettes this time. That is why I have been busy busy and the house has been a super shambles. But it's all neat and tidy once more - for the moment.

Here is one of the bins - this one has all my sari samples for wall display, the pockets for display and some paper yarn.

Here is the washing basket full of hand dyed gauze - I watched them bubble wrap everything. now it is all going a bit early because we are rewarding ourselves with a long weekend in Broome - we are off tomorrow morning and back on Tuesday - we did get all the orders done today before we left but we know we will be busy again when we get back because there are a couple of magazines due for starters about the time we return.

In the midst of all the van packing this morning, our big shipment of sari ribbon, silk loom waste and sari fabric pieces (haven't had these for a while) arrived and we opened them up, packed the new colours and sent plenty to Brisbane as well. The vanilla beans and old roses is slightly darker this time, and there is a wonderful yellow/orange and a magenta pink - as I said you never know what is coming because it is never quite what I think I have asked for. Always exciting though.

I bought Ian a new toy (show you another time) but becasue he never buys me roses, i had to stitch my own. The base is hand stitched and the embellisher has been used. not washed it out yet.

and this will be our swimming pool for the next few days.


Heather said...

The sari ribbons are gorgeous and I love your stitched roses. Enjoy your weekend and hope Brisbane goes well for you.

Robin Mac said...

Have a fantastic weekend, hope theweather is just right for you. Cheers

sampetrova said...

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Judy said...

Dale & Ian,

What a great thought enjoy, enjoy, in Broome. Dale love the deliciuos rose piece.


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