Saturday, May 21, 2011

saturday signing in

The piece I hand and machine stitched rows on the other day I have added a pile of hand stitching (thanks for the suggestion Shelagh) and stamped Silver deColourant Plus over the top -Valdani  cotton perle thread discharges very well plus there is a dimension you can't see here of course. I have washed it and you wouldn't know there was any paint on the surface - it melds into the fabric as a dye would. The fabric is silk noil. I have seen the truffa tag on a couple of other walls down the road as well as our post.

We had loads of rain yesterday which was wonderful indeed - I sound like a worn out record. Apparently in one area of Perth there was a mini tornado which wrecked havoc on a few homes. Nothing like that here although rain did come into our sunroom (our storage area) - it comes in underneath the long glass windows - Ian's little task was to venture out in the wet and remove all the leaves. the dryness we have had seems to have encouraged loads of tiny leaves etc to fall everywhere - looked a bit like snow before the rain came. All gone again now but we did enjoy it.

My next book is at the printers and we will have them on Wednesday. This pic is a bit dark but we are pleased with the proof and signed off the run on Thursday. It will be the same price as the other 2 - $11.90.

We had a delivery yesterday of these glorious ceramic buttons. They are so lovely - there are lots of different ones and they will get to the webshop pretty soon. This one is Paris and the card it sits on is beautiful too.

Here is another.

And one for New Zealand....

and another for Australia. They are all so different and so lovely. Very talented lady is the maker.

Rugby to watchthis afternoon and the Force to watch down at the oval tonight. Wonder if they will win - they are playing the Brumbies who were so dreadful last week so do hope so.

For my holey moleys - I can't get onto the blog to write anything or see what you are up  to - google man is looking at the problem so please don't think I am ignoring you. PDF number 3 is nearly up - I am just trying to remember how to digitize to add my words. Reading the manual and remembering how my sewing machine works since it has been away in hospital and out of action for some time indeed.


Anonymous said...

Cute buttons!!

Doreen G said...

OO-oo-oo love those buttons must have me some of them.
The new book cover looks great too.

Robin Mac said...

The buttons and the book both look good. So glad you have had some rain at last. Cheers.

Heather said...

Lovely post Dale. Those buttons are very special and the new book looks great.


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