Sunday, January 30, 2011

waiting for a cyclone - a downgraded cyclone - wind - rain - ?

Not quite sure what we are waiting for - a level 3 cyclone it was going to be but each time we tune in it gets lower - but we do have clean gutters and a mostly clean back garden - having eucalyptus trees means lots of leaves and nuts and stuff so it is always a sweepable activity here. But it is still very muggy and I have always associated storms  with cold. We will see what today brings. At the very hint of sound of lightning and thunder, off go the computers though - don't want to push our luck.

We had a great night on Friday for Bruce's birthday - we went to Veritas where we had a heap of very yummy tapas and good wine. Meant to take my phone for photos but forgot but it was great.

The Made on the Left market at the art gallery complex has been cancelled today but we still need to get into see the Peggy Guggenheim exhibition as it closes tomorrow.

Here is a little 9 patch piece I have been working on through the sticky times.

I also found a copy of the latest Cloth Paper Scissors  which we had sold out of - I know a few people missed out on getting one when I mentioned it earlier when it first arrived. So there really is still one left if anyone is interested.


Robin Mac said...

Glad you had a good night for Bruce's birthday. I had just finished writing an email when I thought I would look to see what you had on your blog!
Email has gone anyway. Cheers

Dorothy said...

Hi Dale. I don't know what it is like in Perth but it is scorching down here, possibly the worst day we have had since we have been home.


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