Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hot needles cool stitches

Working on stuff for the workshop starting on Monday - this is for lesson 4 but I can certainly say that the weather this week here means that indeed my needles are hot and I am trying to make the stitches cool. Here is another tiny landscape - I am starting to get some dimension in and am pretty pleased with this little piece. The flower stitcher is never far away as well. It is sitting on another piece I have been beavering away at.

A starting point but nice thick yarn and a big fat needle. What more could a girl want? For my class I will load you another wee video tomorrow so be sure to go visit the blog - your blog.

Watched abc news this morning and wow - what is happening in Qld and northern NSW? And in our own state with the fires. All we can hope is that people are okay. Love to our friends and customers. My geography is improving once again.

Saga of an air con right here at Chez Rollo - last night we had a champers as it was OFF all day and we were very excited. Went off to dinner and came back to hear it going. Yikes. However it has been off all day - so far. Ian has his meeting with the Town of Vincent tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will be resolved. Thanks for all the emails of support.


Doreen G said...

That top photo would make a nice badge for us workshoppers to put on our blog--agree.

Heather said...

Love all that gorgeous stitchy texture Dale and the colours are beautiful. Do hope the climate starts to behave itself soon - it must be so frightening for everyone concerned.

starseasons said...

The top picture is really very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


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