Wednesday, January 05, 2011

nice big parcel

 Yesterday we got a lovely big parcel of Christmas goodies from Kazuko and Bruce - thanks very much - lots of goodies for me including threads and stamps and a new cat calender so here is our January cat. Kaz has a very good eye for finding cats.  Just a bit cute. Ian is busy running around testing the filter for his camera.

Woke up to rain this morning and it was bliss to swim in the rain. One of the funniest things was that when the rain dropped down, all the kids having swimming lessons hopped out of the pool and ran under the shelter. Meant the pool was more spacious for people like me.

I have enrolled in Lisa's
online beading class which starts tomorrow - the last time I did any serious beading how to was with Val Campbell-Harding so I thought it would be good to learn from an expert. Lisa does wonderful beading. Even though I have loads of beads I asked her for a kit and today a huge container of lovely black and silver beads arrived. They are a bit blurry but I wanted to show a close up - looks like I have a lot of beading coming up. I am looking forward to it.

I have decided to add some tiny buttons to my slow cloth and of course at some stage I have disposed of all of my buttons - I used to use them when I made little doll brooches for the markets. I dropped some clothes off to Vinnes this morning and collected some buttons - they wouldn't take any money for them - reckoned I had given them plenty on my bag of stuff. Very kind. I have been in touch with my sari ribbon man to see how things are going - first reply was that he didn't have any orders in for me - HELP I SAID - but today he assured me everything will be ready to send early next week - so all those people who have emailed anxious for the lovely Vanilla Beans and Old Roses sari ribbon - you won't have to wait too long. I am going to use all the rose petals to make beads to add to it.

I meant to say thanks for all the comments about the blog header I have up - Brenda even kindly sent me a sample one. I am going to change it but first I will make a slide show of my vessels.


Heather said...

The beads are beautiful Dale, and it's good to know you can find time to join an on-line class instead of setting them up for others all the time. Enjoy your beading.

liniecat said...

I would like some of those faded sari strips too.......whats the postage like to the Uk Dale for one of them?
Hope you enjoy the beading.......Most of mine end up rolling about on the floor even when if use a velvet cloth to lay them on......there must be knack Ive yet to learn lol

Jen M said...

Love the beads, Dale...have fun with them!


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