Tuesday, January 25, 2011

onto Tuesday

Because I have been playing with the new moulds I found in my basket some of the Pacifica ones - on the right I made a water soluble paper cast and on the left I used Delight paperclay - it is so soft. I sprayed them both with Starburst Frosty Forest - a very good colour for this occasion. Click on the pic to see it bigger and then you can click again to increase it more. That way you can see the glint and shine. I would like to think this is the sun peeping through the forest. Especially after rain.

The weather is still good although I see it is about to hot up again in time for the weekend. Above are two more balls of sari ribbon to taunt - I haven't ironed them up yet and I am thinking about how I might combine the two - they are a variation of colour not just pink and purple. I am thinking of weaving them inspired by Jude's workshop. Some of the  class members are producing the most interesting and inspiring pieces which are realy inspirational. I have had so many anxious calls about the new sari ribbon - the vanilla beans and old roses. I had an email yesterady to say at least 2 weeks which will mean 3 for sure. Just so you know (these people are usually so very efficient and fast) - I placed my order on 27th October so expected everything to be sorted and dyed by end of November but there was an accident in the factory - not sure what and then I received an email to say all was back to normal and I would get an invoice soon. Well I did but it was for the order I placed in August. Seems that the accident caused chaos and someone got it all muddled. Now they are back to doing the right order. But please don't panic - I will let you know everywhere when it arrives.

The latest QA #49 rocked up this afternoon - well minus a few boxes - they got left behind in Singapore and will be coming down tomorrow. Most have gone today out in the mail today but not all. We will have a few copies left over if anyone wants a copy. It's the travel issue this time - looks rather interesting - we are all into travel or wanna be travel these days.

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Heather said...

Love those little 'tiles' Dale and the colour is gorgeous. Hope your orders get sorted soon and looking forward to my copy of QA which comes via a subscription with a UK distributor.


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