Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lots of new goodies and online courses

Don't you love it when the delivery man arrives with new goodies? Last Friday before the credit card died (new one yesterday fortunately) - we had a big new shipment of Moonglow Sprays including 12 new colours. Very exciting - they are on the web and I have made 2 new 5 set packs but there is a Frosty  Forest Green which will be part of a new 3 set - maybe something Ironbark -

Yesterday was a busy parcel in day - along with the credit card man, a new print run  of Let's Play with The Flower Stitcher (amazing to think we have sold the first print), a big box of Woven Wire Tube arrived - with all the ones we have been out of and 14 new colours - there is a yummy violet which I love - the other one above it is a pink. Hopefully they will all be on the web before too long.

Then we got 18 new Stylish Stencils - the one above is Harlequin and it is sprayed with Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Brown. The two below are Mosaic Square - positive and negative and sprayed with Cadbury and Golden Sleighbells Gold.

This one will be great with Shiva Stiks as well - the old one I made has had a rough life.

Yesterday was the start of Hot Needles Cool Stitches - I always worry when a new class begins in case things go wrong but now I can relax and get onto the second lesson.

I have also enrolled in 3 different online classes - Carla's The Art of Silliness 3 - not that I have finished 2 yet but I loved 1 and I have them printed out and ready to work on when I have time. I am doing Lisa's beading class which is quite gentle and I have worked lesson 1 - Lisa sent me most suitable beads to match my Stonehaven theme.  My third class is Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth - I love the whole concept of slow cloth - I wouldn't call my efforts spirit because I am not heavily into them but I think the gentleness of the slow cloth matches the feeling we have to slow food. So I shall be busy but these are all things which complement what I am doing anyway.

I started working the first Holey Moley Club stuff - Flower Power is where we will commence.

Bruce is on the plane from Sapporo to Hong Kong and will be here in the morning. We haven't seen him for nearly 2 years. He goes back in May and he and Kaz, after cycling around Hokkaido, will both be back in Perth. The weather in Perth is going to be a shock after the snow in Sapporo. He is bringing one of his bikes - it is not any of these ones in the photo above.


Robin Mac said...

I can't imagine anyone cycling on those bikes any time soon - especially in that weather! How wonderful it will be to see Bruce though. Love the new colours of the moonshadow sprays. I have resisted enrolling in your classes as I know I don't have time, I am already stretched with what I am committed to - but I am sorely tempted! Cheers

Heather said...

Don't know how you fit it all it Dale - but it all sounds great. What a great reunion you'll have with Bruce - he'll not want his bike but a nice cool swim with that change of temperature.

Judy said...


Your life is sure a busy one, but without you we wouldn't have all our lovely goodies. Must be exciting to look forward to seeing Bruce after 2 years.


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