Thursday, January 27, 2011

a holiday yesterday

We had a very pleasant night last night for Australia Day at Eva and Malachy's - good to catch up with people - it's funny how you have to have an event to see some people. Naturally we had lots of lamb and Kathleen brought 2 pavlovas -1 aussie and 1 kiwi - the difference i could see was that one had strawberries on top and kiwifruit around the outside and the other had kiwifruit on the top and strawberries around the outside. Since she made a bit of a mess slicing up the kiwi one I swapped the aussie flags to it and declared the other to be kiwi.

Above is a little layered piece  - I am still doing drawings and writing ideas for the Boro class - there is some wonderful work appearing and also on Hot Needles Cool Stitches - I think they are having fun.

Very hot here today and will be for a while but we are going to have a bbq anyway!


Doreen G said...

Yep that would be right-stealing the Aussie pav again.

Heather said...

I like the friendly rivalry with the pavlovas. The layered piece is interesting. It's gone very cold here again and there is talk of more snow - indoor BBQs only I think.


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