Monday, January 24, 2011

monday stuff

Well much better weather after a really hot sticky sunday - coolish with bits and pieces of rain. So have been slightly more organised. 2 silicone moulds to match the Karantha moulding mats arrived today - this one is roses and I have been playing with Delight paperclay - this is the lightest paperclay I have used - so delicate and easy to sew through. The best one I have come across and I have tried quite a few. I have used the corresponding moulding mat to stamp a background. Using the wonderful Australian made Opulence Inks and I have also have coloured fingers to match although these were not meant to be.

This is the spirals with the matching moulding mat beneath - this is the most popular of all of our moulding mats - everyone loves spirals. These little gems can be stitched into and through - I can make holes with a long needles for threading thread through and I also tested them with the Moonglow embossing powders as well. Too many things you can do.

Blogger seems to have sorted its picture loading but not its header problem - seems many other people have blurry headers - at least I have been saved from that. In my hours of mucking around yesterday I managed to lose my profile so I had to rewrite that as well. I also discovered why the colour printer didn't like the TAP - that was because I had forgotten that the printer is a laser printer and you must never use TAP through a laser printer. I think it is clean again..... in the meantime my inkjet printer (the only one we have) is still not happy to print in all of its colours so maybe a new one might be in order - how can I complete my lessons for class???? Imight have to move on to the next thing while I wait. I did tidy up one part of my big table where I found the pavlova napkins so Jean - they are on their way to you.

What drama can I get up to tomorow? What I am enjoying is Jude Hill's Boro workshop - I am drawing and thnking rather than weaving and stitching but I have loads of ideas form what is happening so far


Heather said...

Love these images and you are right about spirals - I love them too. Hope you get your printer problems sorted soon.

Singer said...

Love the new moulds - great effects. I suppose I'll have to make my own pav to go with the napkin (or use it for some other creation).


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