Sunday, January 16, 2011

catching up

I haven't been AWOL just busy. Friday night we went to The Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra at St George's Cathedral. Lovely concert - very hot venue - hard for the performers -we have been there before to hear them and it was even hotter that time. You might be wondering what that thing at the top of my post is. Well - it is my precious bracelet which has broken. Ian bought it for me at the Paddington Markets somewhere around 1980 and it hasn't been off my wrist since until it broke. I am heart broken with a bare left arm. It is leather and stirling silver and part of me.

On Saturday we went down to Shoalwater to Val  and Jim's to enjoy some of the lovely crabs they had caught. Really yummy they were. A very nice afternoon. Last night we went out with Frank and this morning we had breakfast at Source Cafe so we have been rather indulgent.

Now - back to work - Hot Needles Cool Stitches starts tomorrow and I am still adding stitch and embellishing like crazy for lesson 1. I must not play with any other things until it is done she says. But I can't resist plotting out Flower Power for The Holey Moley Club first lesson in March. When I told people it was in 2012 I was obviously having a year skip - it really is March 2011.

Our credit card machine died on Friday night just as we were about to put quite a number of orders through. Visa said they might come yesterday morning but did not and when Ian phoned to complain today they promised Monday morning. We always thought it was 24/7 - we certainly pay enough. Aparently even Harvey Norman would have to wait..... I wonder... So if your credit card hasn't been charged yet from us, that is why. We are only able to send PayPal invoices until it is fixed.

Air Con saga - thanks for all the emails. Murphy has been in operation. Ian hasn't had the meeting with TOV - they wanted to come and run the machine again - the readings are very high but they need the sound which apparently didn't work, in case they need to go to court - that is promising. But of course it hasn't been on for 48 hours. Now this is heaven for us but it does delay things.


Doreen G said...

Ah Murphy's Law again.
I must remember to log in tomorrow for HNCS-----

Heather said...

Sad about your bracelet - maybe an enterprising craftsman/jeweller can repair it for you. Fresh crabs - yum! Love the stitched/woven squares - gorgeous colours.


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