Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a whirlwind Tuesday

I knew all sorts of things would arrive today but I also knew it would be much better than if they arrived tomorrow when we will be in and out. All the new Stylish Stencils came first. These birds are one of many and there are 6 basic shapes as well as pebbles - how could I resist them? Just what I need and of course sprayed with Black Orchid Silver Starburst Spray- I shall overspray them with silver Glitz Spritz when I have a moment - ha ha - a moment. I can see the riverbed where these rocks might be.

Then there is the negative which just means turning the stencil over and pressing it onto the khadi paper. Not a complete image but worth doing.
Then a bog box of Karantha Stamps arrived - top up just in time for the show. We were out of a couple.
And in the sample delivery all the boxes of Quilting Arts and Studios arrived and many large post office containers later, they have all just gone off to the post office. Haven't even had time to open one up and see what is inside. Ian has managed to get the QA up on the web - there won't be any of either left after the show this weekend though.

I haven't had a chance to iron my long piece of fabric for further working but will pop up soon before we go out with Val and Jim and then I might be able to add some flakes - I have been thinking about it.

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow - I won't tell you what is happening but Ian says I will be fine. Hope so but I will tell you how I went...... suspense kills.

We were pretty much the only people in Australia as far as I can tell who managed to avoid the political debate on Sunday night and after 5 minutes of Master Chef turned our telly off and read our books. Shock horror I should think for all those devotees.

I have had so many emails offering all manner of products to buy - no we don't plan to sell trucks etc and of course the Nigerian and other scams are still rife but the best one today was from Dubai letting us know that a large contingent of ladies would be arriving for embroidery classes starting this week. At least it made a change.....

We have been watching our kangaroo paws  often - there are going to be loads of them and some of the droopy ones are now standing tall again - we think they were thirsty but now they are getting plenty of water until they have settled in. they will make a great showing before toolong in our lovely front garden.


Heather said...

Maybe you can get all those ladies from Dubai to help out with sorting and packing for you!! Love the stencils and the negative shape design. Good luck for tomorrow - I'm sure Ian is right, whatever it is.

Robin Mac said...

No you weren't the only ones, Dale. We watched some of SBS news, then when they went to the election we turned on Classic FM on the radio - much better.
I love the thought of all those Nigerian ladies.......
I shall tune in tomorrow night to find out what you are doing tomorrow, but whatever it is I am sure you will excell. Cheers, Robin

Stitchety Grub said...

We didn't watch the debate either - in fact first I heard of it was a trailer for the news yesterday! haha! Sooooo heartbroken I didn't see it (NOT!) I am Lace Guild demo'ing this Saturday at the craft show - and I will see you there as I will be having a "snoofy" first thing :-)and can never resist your stall LOL!

Linda and Michelle said...

Love the Dubai ladies!!!

mycamerandme365 said...

We didn't watch either Dale.
Sue M.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love the bird stencil, I can see I will be spending again. The stone stencil is interesting too. No Shock horror here we deliberately avoided the debate, hate pollies on both sides. Hope all goes well for you this Wednesday.


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