Tuesday, July 06, 2010

little more playtime

I have swept the decking outside my studio so it looks like I am all ready to go. Next task to vacuum inside especially where I dropped a jar of gilding flakes..... In the meantime I have found a little time for more play.
These first two are for the Gilding the Lily girls. I am still having fun with my new Sizzix toy and have embossed copper shim and then painted one side with nail varnish. Nail varnish is wonderful because it comes in so many colours and you can always find it in the throw-out bins.

Today I received stock of something which seemed to have passed me by - Grungepaper - probably been around for ages but at least I am excited - you can stitch on it easily and of course it whips through those dies. Here is my grungey Starburst Sprayed flower brooch. The shimmer stands out more in the flesh. Always hard to show shimmer and glitz in a pic. I have also got some lovely trasparent tape which I shall use in my journal. Jacintaa nd I bought some interesting tape in Brisbane at the show and I have sprayed up some for edges in my journal. Tomorrow the stuff arrives from Brisbane and all of my stuff is in there so I am waiting - I keep going to put my hand on something only to find it is still coming.

Judy - I am not sure about your Janome but I would suspect that a Brother attachment would do the trick. I know Brother has an attachment (low shank) which works for the Janome 9000. If you have access to  a Brother shop it is worth asking them. Sorry not to be much more help than that.


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Dale love the embossed copper, what a great way to use up the nail polish.

Heather said...

Sad about the gilding flakes. Love the copper shim design and thanks for the tip about nail varnish - I'd never thought of using it. Love the grungepaper flower too - I must try it out.

Sandy said...

I like what your new toy does.

Judy said...


Thanks for info on flower stitch foot it's more than I had only place sells Brother here as far as I know is Spotlight so will go look armed with my Flower foot. Many thanks.


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