Monday, July 19, 2010

the end of something or another

Quite sad today really - today was the last lesson for Embellish Stitch Enrich on line workshop.This has been such a successful workshop with so many people having enrolled from day 1 and to think I only started these on-line classes because so many of you complained that you couldn't come to Perth when I was offering a hands-on one. The number of people who have been through the class has rather overwhelmed us. However, all good things must come to an end and I felt it was time to retire it. Lots of people are still enquiring but I did made a decision - it will be available towards the end of the year on a cd so all is not lost. In the meantime I am working away on Hot Needles, Cool Stitches which is the next level up. I have loads of ideas and have have written heaps and done lots of sampling - all these things take time. The brain is always busy but expect it towards the end of the year. Sharpen up your embellisher needles in anticipation.

Also The Holey Moley Club is coming to an end for this round. Not that I will be closing it all off but I am now devoid of ideas for the moment. That too will emerge in a form or another later on in the year or in the new year.

Thirdly - another ending is the news I had today that the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane has been cancelled for 2011 - whether it emerges again who knows. Or maybe something else will. Change is always healthy. If you enjoyed the show, let the organisers of this year know - or even me. It would be a tragedy to let it die.


Heather said...

Your Embellisher classes sound great. The events of this year have conspired to keep me away from my embellisher and I need to use it more to get to know it better. I still feel quite new to this technique. Do hope the Textile Art show will survive or at least be replaced by something similar.

Penny said...

There I was thinking I might get to
Qld about the same time next year.


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