Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Sunday

It's a bit like Central Otago here - crisp mornings and clear skies and no rain - only not quite so cold - but not sure when Perth has had zero for a minimum. The people renting the apartment next door either have a broken switch or too much money as their very very noisy (cheap) air con/heater is running 24/7 and what you might call annoying. Hopefully they will receive an electricity bill which will have them wearing their socks indoors and to bed.

I decided to emboss a few cheap tags and then spray them with my stonehavey sort of colours since I am busy trying out my new thread. I am not sure why my i-phone turns some pictures upside down though. I have sprayed these with Black Orchid Silver and Moonshadow Scintillating Silver.
You can see how the mica whips into the indentations - quite yummy really.
Then I thought I would test the new threads on kunin felt first with free stitched circles

and then with a variety of different sized flower sitches. Satisfying work.
Click on them all to enlarge them then you can see the detail. I have gilding flakes everywhere as I have been working on the next gilding the Lily lesson and I spilt a jar of flakes all over the floor - maybe this is the time for the vacuum cleaner and just closing your eyes....


Heather said...

The tags and stitched samples are stunning Dale and those colours are so subtle yet exciting at the same time. Great stuff. We have barking dogs to annoy us instead of air conditioning/heaters. Hope your noise shuts up soon.

Sandy said...

Great samples. They make me want to do it.

Linda said...

Dale, hope the noise abates sooner rather than later, nothing worse. I'm with Heather in that we have dogs annoying us at times, only made worse by the fact that they are OUR dogs!!!

I love the samples, and really wish you would stop tempting me!!! The stitching on Kunin felt is wonderful. This colourway is great.

Judy said...


Some exciting looking Stonehaven here can't wait to see more. Can I be cheeky and ask if you know whether it is possible to get an adapter for the flower foot for Janome 6660P I cant use mine on this machine and am thinking of buying a cheap Jamone that it will fit. Any clues please?


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