Friday, July 16, 2010

eye candy

Just in case you think I don't do much during the day - this is what I have done today and I haven't got to the studio yet. First I packaged 5 kilos of Rangi Changi (that's 50 skeins), then I wound some Yummie threads.

Then I packaged some Time To Experiment packs in Barrier Reef and Byzantine

 Next some Xpandaprint - jars waiting for labels

Then 20 kilos of Indian silk loom waste in 200gm bags
Then I opened a very wet express bag from Jacinta with wool tops, silk, slushie, silk rods and silk hankies in our new colour - Glacier (I had to educate her about Franz Joseph) and I hung it out on the clothes line and then had to move it because it started raining. (Murphy's Law in action)

 Next I opened up a big parcel full of more Grungepaper (it isn't even on our website and we sold out as soon as the last lot arrived) and some lovely tissue tape which also sold out when I brought a few in to see what they were like - you get 2 reels of a transparent tape in themes such Symphony, Traveller, Marketplace  and nostalgic. I have been using some in my Stonehaven journal - hopefully it will make the website - anyway it is $16.95 a pack

Also in that shipment I decided to see what the 7 Gypsie little notebooks were like - there are 2 in a pack and I only got one of each pack. Don't think they will last long - I only have 6 - I might need to get some more. They are $13.50 for the two tied together. It's hard to tell what they would be like but I am resisting the temptation to have a set for myself.

I have done a few more things including packaging a heap of Angelina fibre for an order but I won't show you that - and all whilst cooking  Oxtail and a lamb curry so it looks like we will be eating in for the next few nights. And I almost forgot my first eycandy - a lovely thick silk - Lipstick


Judy said...


Sorry you have had to work so hard, but without your dedication we'd not have all those yummy things to buy.

Trace Willans said...

And to think all I did was fire and clean about 500 buttons.

Heather said...

Those gorgeous yarns, threads and fibres - I want some of everything! The tissue tape sounds great - I hope someone in the UK stocks it.


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