Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Black win

Just had to tell you that the All Blacks won - great 2 games  - very pleasing. Israel Dagg scored a brilliant individual try and Piri Weepu played outstandingly. We are happy listening to some of our HUGE pile of long playing records - The Flying Pickets for instance. You have no idea how many lps we have from the past....


Heather said...

Well done boys. We have a large box of LPs but nothing to play them on now, having moved on to tape deck and now CD player. I got rid of loads of tapes but for some reason still have the LPs.

Amanda said...

Oh you've just reminded me of the horrors of my mother playing the Flying Pickets full volume with the windows open when I was little. EEEEKK!

Barbara said...

Hi, Barbara from Canada again.
This is such a riot ~ my 15 year son (the rugby player) is amazed that I follow a blog with updates from the All Blacks ~ he is actually asking me to read him the posts. That is just so funny!
Thank you for sharing everything!
Best wishes,


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