Friday, July 30, 2010

and the question is

For our newsletter readers, here is the question - What is my daughter-in-law's name? If you have read my blog, Bruce's blog, or the about us on our website then you will have no problems with this one. We will forgive you if you don't pronounce it correctly!
You have to come see me to collect your WAzzie bag - the first 6 people whenever.... see you there.

It should  be a fabulous show so if you are in Perth or nearby do come. Free parking at Claremenot Showgrounds, or a free collection from the train station. Mareene, the show guru, is a very generous person and there are fabulous exhbitiions this year including the Tentmakers Quilts from Cairo brought over by Jenny Bowker - I had a quick peep last night and they are fantastic.


Ali Honey said...

Wishing you a wonderful Show. May you have many customers who are buying! I wish I lived closer.
PS. I too love Kangaroo Paws and have lots in my garden.

( No need to reply you are far too busy.) Cheers Ali.

Heather said...

Even I should know the answer Dale, but can't bring it to mind! Shan't let on if I do find out. It sounds like a fantastic event and I'm sure everyone will have a great time. Enjoy yourself(ves).


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