Saturday, July 10, 2010

great saturday

Great rugby win for the All Blacks this afternoon against the Springbox in the first of the Tri-Nations game. We thoroughly enjoyed it.Go the Magic tomorrow.

I have vacuumed my studio, moved my furniture back into place, cleaned up all of those errant flakes and started work. Might even have a picture of my art to wear shortly as it starts falling into place. We are having loads of lovely rain still - fabulous apart from the stuff coming in through the skylight in the kitchen but nothing a few towels won't fix for the moment.

This is Carol Wilkes wonderful work which won the Art U Wear - Ian didn't photograph it so I had to steal it from Robin's blog (but she said it was okay) - so much work - people don't always realise how much work goes into these pieces.


Heather said...

Gorgeous colours in that wearable art piece. Can you blow those rain clouds in this direction please - I'm tired of having to water my plants each evening and the hedgerows and wild plants are wilting. Although there are clouds everywhere today, there is still no sign of rain.

Ali Honey said...

Great rugby game and result. What was the head butter thinking - glad he is out!

Sob, know what I'm crying about!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Thanks for the Carol Wilkes Art U Wear its a lovely piece. We are having lots of rain in tas. too.


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