Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Lovely day today but I spent the entire day working in one form or another - satisfying to finishing winding and labelling one complete lot of threads all wound watching the rugby over the past 2 weekends. And a bit more.

Followed the rugby until late at night so I knew the Hurricanes were in the top 4 - this morning discovered it was 4th so they have to play the Crusaders in Christchurch next weekend. All will be revealed then. Here is Nonu in Friday's game. I hope he is all fired up for next weekend.

Then I have spent the rest of the day on embellisher bits and pieces. One of the difficult things about teaching is deciding what to put where but I think I have lesson one all ready to put to bed. I have to finish the challenge first though. Can't have any of those chatty people slacking off once they start class.

1 comment:

Maureen said...

our excessive chattiness is our exuberance for the upcoming course.
Not one cheeky word out of me once the workshop commences :-)


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