Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Badgering on

I have finally got my info for the Embellish Stitch and Enrich course done but not the last foil sample for the article which MUST go tomorrow. Had a busy day - up at 6am - off to get the paper, walk, coffee at 7.30, back home for coffee, breakfast, off to check out Grant's house - kitchen furniture all in and back home to work. I got a few exciting parcels today

this book is another on Literary Cafes in Paris - we will indeed be busy for our week. Another gem to read before I go to sleep.

Jacinta send another huge parcel of lovelies including lots of new slushies and silk tops and silk hankies and interesting fibre which she refers to as flea bitten stuff on her invoices. But we all know it is all fabulous fibre for all manner of excitements. In one of the parcels was a birthday present - what a lucky girl - it is a book of scripts etc - all sorts of interesting ones. Thanks so much Jacinta - I shall be scanning and playing - just what I need. I love the one below - it is a Diplomatic Hand of the 11th century showing eccentricity - don't you love it?

Then she included some yummy Indian Splendour dyed yarns - I am off to the studio to play on the embellisher with some silk on felt - be back tomorrow with the results. It's still in the head but after the foils.

I can't photograph as Ian has the camera but last night for dinner I wrapped figs with prosciutto, topped with a little Gorgonzola and EVO and grilled for a couple of minutes. Served with rocket, pear and walnut salad. How's that for cooking for one?

Last night I lifted the lid of the piano to have a little play and 3 hours later thought it a good idea to go to bed. It's been a long time and I am surprised I still know so much. Maybe it's my comeback. But the piano does need a tune. Today I played some more.

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artisbliss said...

Artist, gourmet chef AND pianist?! No fair, Dale!


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