Saturday, May 03, 2008

busy busy - what's new..

Ian is off to NZ tonight for a few days - it's Max's 70th birthday and Ken is going down to Reefton as well so it should be a good bash, eh Max? Ian has packed all his woollies including his wardrobe of beanies and his possum jerseys and socks. I have spent the morning learning how to be an accounts clerk - so far I seem to passed the test in producing invoices. If all else fails I shall just do them by hand.... Just so long as I get everyone's orders out. Nothing in waiting at present but a big post office basket all full and ready to go on Monday.

Because Ian makes the coffee I will be at Lincolns at 7.30am to get my morning fix. That's my coffee at the bottom and Lincolns is almost as good as Ian - I wouldn't dream of competing.

Here is Ian at Lincoln's today - it's our fabulous little cafe just around the corner. Sometimes we sneak off for a coffee during the day - that's when the answer phone is on.

Then we popped around to do the daily inspection of Grant's - the bathroom tiles are down and the bathrooms nearly finished. The kitchen is almost there as well. This is me in the kitchen peeping out from behind the cupboards.

and inspecting the shower. The tiles are black marble. It's all looking good.

The rugby is getting exciting now - I shall only be able to watch half of the Hurricanes this afternoon as I have to chauffeur Ian to the airport and then get back to watch the Force/Chiefs game. Lots of teams pretty close in points.

The preparation for the online embellisher class is going well. It won't be on the website before Ian gets back but I will email everyone who has emailed me with the info. I am pretty excited about it all and I have special extras for each lesson which will appear as we go.


Muriel said...

Love the tiles!!

Doreen Kinkade said...

I would like info on the embellisher

Elizabeth said...

Very elegant black tiles.
black and white never fails to be chic.


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