Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rugby Excitements

Last night we watched 2 very exciting rugby games - the Hurricanes and the Blues. Unfortunately the Hurricanes lost but it was such an exciting game. The top 4 teams will depend on all the other games so who knows? Then we watched the force and the Brumbies - thought it all over bar the shouting at half time but then the Force came back - so two good games. This is Hosea Gear who scored 2 quick tries.

Still working on samples for the Embellish Stitch Enrich workshop. Texturizing fabrics at present. The more you play the more you learn what you can do. And the time it saves you in preparing stuff. I am finalising Lessons 1 and 2 - I think the people who have enrolled so far are waiting impatiently from all the natter on the yahoo list. I hope they are polishing their embellishers in anticipation.

Off to watch some more rugby. Back home again - the Waratahs won so they have moved into 2nd spot and the Hurricanes place in the semi finals depends on the 2 games being played overnight. Fingers crossed....

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Aussie Jo said...

Hi Dale, I was looking at a stitching site that was advertising a needle felting kit for a Bernina sewing machine. Have you heard anything about these? I need a new sewing machine and would like an embellisher, I'm wondering if I can do the two for one!!! I might post this as a thread on Sharon B's new Ning site.


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