Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am working on lesson samples for my on-line workshop - these are a couple of starters I am doing for my Splendiforous magic carpet. I am using the slushie in the bag from yesterday - not sure I will go back to wool for a while. These are glorious to work with - so soft and of course lots of the sheen of the silk with the very fine merino. Not very exciting as yet but then I shall cut them up. I have my usual huge stack of stuff out in the theme. This is not related to the dilemma piece which I am slowly hand stitching onto and then will make decisions.

Glorious rain here today and yeah - the Hurricanes won last night and are currently in 2nd spot on the ladder.... but - things can change as there is only next week and then the semis. Off to watch someone else play. Tonight we are off to GoGos with Sarina and Frank - poor Sarina had a shocking trip from Cairns to here - 24 hours - work that out.....

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