Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Murphy's Law prevails

Today we are off to Broome - we have been going there for the past few years this weekend (it is a WA public holiday weekend) and this year we are driving from Broome to Cape Leveque. Of course there is much to do and it has been rather difficult to do it as some idiot truck driver drove a huge truck down Lincoln Street at 4am and wiped the power lines off and our power was off for 8 hours so we are running in circles to get all the orders out today - getting there though.

I do have to say that my studio table is very tidy - we become so reliant on power that one has to think what things one can do when it is gone. I wanted to iron webbing to felt and stuff so am taking that with me - they will surely have an iron up there. I also wanted to do some things on the embellisher and the sewing machine this morning but not so. I found a few things I had not been able to find and at least had my arty stuff ready to take.

Back on Monday night and looking forward to a wonderful relaxing few days - lots of books, stitching, sketch book , knitting needles, swimming and all that stuff.


Sue said...

Have a wonderful time! (Very envious)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Have an enjoyable resful time.


Elizabeth said...

The beach looks wonderful.
Nothing like fresh air, sand and sea.
We had two days at the beach earlier this week it was heaven.


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